Monday, December 17, 2012

Heavens, me!

How time has flown!

When last I wrote, I had just received a very exciting email back from a potential employer - the first one in this round of searching who wanted to meet me! Several weeks and three (three!) interviews later, I found myself hired as a customer service representative at a tiny company composed entirely of amazing people. I've just rounded out my second month there. It isn't what I had hoped to be doing after I graduated, but then again, my post-graduation hopes weren't particularly specific, and I can't imagine being much happier in a workplace than I am there.

However, this transition from my life being one huge blob of unstructured time into this thing called a schedule (I think I had one of those in college, now what is it again?) has been a little rough. It's been hard figuring out when to do important but not required things such as knitting and going to the gym. And, um, writing blog posts, I guess.

Sorry, guys.

So what else has happened during these few months? Well...

... I knit a sweater! It was a test knit for the Haubergeon Pullover by Julliana Lund, who wrote the pattern for the Knit Picks Independent Designer Program. I had been wanting to venture into test knitting for a while, and Julliana lured me in with her excellent description of the pattern as "inspired by medieval chain-mail armor, updated with lace." Awesome. I seriously meant to blog about this, even if I couldn't show you any pictures, but with the onset of this whole Having a Work Schedule thing I barely made it by the deadline! More about my version still to come!

... I cashed in on my parents' offer to help me buy a car as a graduation present. I mean that literally, I have never held such a frightening stack of cash in my whole entire life. Her name is Belinda, and she just so happens to match my new sweater. It wasn't even on purpose, I think it was just fate. I don't have any pictures of her yet, but I know I won't be able to let her go without some type of knitted accessory for long, so sooner or later there will be some Belinda-themed FO shots featuring (obviously) the coordinating green sweater-leftover yarn.

... I gleefully attended the Albuquerque Hot Air Balloon Fiesta! After one false start due to strong winds at high altitudes, we got to see some balloons launch on our second attempt. I also wore my Valfreya Slouch, although I just now realize I didn't get any shots of it out in the wild! My suspicion that it is an excellent shape for a hat was confirmed. It was chilly out there in the early desert morning!

... In an attempt to work some form of exercise back into my life, I've signed up for the San Francisco iteration of The Color Run! If you've never heard of it, it's this 5K run where they throw color powder at you at various points during the course. You start out wearing all white, and end up a colorful mess! The prospect of my first 5K at the Hollywood Half Marathon was a great motivator to train, and actually running it was a blast. I'm really excited about The Color Run, and I'm hoping it'll be as helpful to have a goal as it was before!

... Phew. Summing my recent circumstances up into one blog post makes it sounds like I have it all pretty well together. I'm afraid you are being misled. I don't. I desperately need to empty the trash and I haven't made any progress on my sock in the last few days and I need to get some kind of laundry drying rack so I don't have to hang my underwear all over everything like it is right now and I've needed to go to the post office for days and I didn't update my blog for three months and I live with my parents. But it's okay. We're working on it.

I hope the last few months have treated you well too, and that it won't be such an embarrassingly long gap between posts this time around!

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