Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Valfreya, sitting up straight.

Last Thursday, I posted about my good friend Bonnie Kate's and the Kickstarter campaign she launched to raise funds for her final major project at school, which was knitting an enormous map of the world. Because she's fancy like that.

Well, another truly excellent backer reward showed up in my inbox a few weeks ago!

Bonnie Kate's Valfreya Slouch pattern proved to be a joy to knit. For my iteration, I chose some purple yarn of unknown material that I had overdyed with blue food coloring. The pattern looks great in it, but it doesn't really allow this hat to fulfill its slouchy potential, as you can see by comparing my version with the pictures on the pattern page.

But the ribbing! The basketweave! The squishy cables surrounded by seed stitch! And the reverse stockinette stripes! What more could you ask for?

And I love the silhouette! I've never knit a hat with this shape before, but it might be a new favorite. It's very no-nonsense about covering the ears, and with the brim flipped up, the lack of slouch in my slouch is no problem at all.


  1. MOLLY I am so excited that you're updating this again! You always have such lovely things to say. :D