Tuesday, April 2, 2013

I realize I am missing a few key components of this whole knitting blog thing.

1. Knitting.

I haven't been this slow at finishing off projects since... ever. I'm working on Chuck now and I just noticed I cast on for this in January, and it's now April, and I'm only halfway done.

2. My camera charger.

It's here somewhere, maybe, hopefully... unless it's in Los Angeles. I brought it with me while visiting friends and then took absolutely no pictures at all while I was there.

In the meantime, how about a webcam picture of Chuck, my current project?

Now we're getting somewhere!

3. Writing.

It occurs to me that I used to actually write creatively and post it to the internet for total strangers and a few of my friends in real life to read.

This strikes me as incredibly bold of my past self. All told, it amounts to twenty poems, some of them intended to be sung like songs even though I couldn't write down the tunes; one original short story; and two pieces of Harry Potter fanfiction, one with multiple chapters. I also wrote one screenplay for the Script Frenzy challenge, but I think I only ever let one person read it.

The thought makes me want to throw up a little bit now. I think it made me want to throw up a little bit then, too, but I did it anyway.

I find presenting myself to the world more challenging and intimidating now than I ever did then, but if this is what I want to do, there's no other solution besides just doing it.

So let's do it, right?

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